Hello curly,

I heard you've been searching for the right products to maintain your natural curly needs?  Well look no further.  Here at the Knotty Crown we put focus in all our products whether it's on hair loss prevention, growing, maintaining and retaining length and upkeeping healthy hair. Our unique top quality blends are tailored specifically for conditioning, nurturing and growing your beautiful hair. Our products work on all hair types and genders.

  The formulation of this collection makes me tap into my ancestral cultures and is straight from my great great grandmothers front porch (throne). It is made of all natural products from my favorite Aloe Vera to marshmallow root, rosemary, shae butters and more.. 

If you can remember anything about hair growth back when we were getting kitchen hot comb presses and the growth that came with it, then My Knotty Crown Collection is the perfect product for you.