Almond Oil- Strengthens hair and makes less prone to split ends contains high amounts of Vitamin E


Amla- its antifungal and antivirus properties prevent dandruff and other fungal infections


Argan Oil- May prevent hair loss for thicker fuller hair


Brahmi- Strengthens hair and repairs damaged follicles, prevents hair loss, and promotes overall health


Ginseng Root-increase dermal cells on the scalp which strengthens the follicles and roots of the hair


 Grapeseed oil- Seals in Moisture, loosens buildup and dandruff


Hibiscus Flower-strengthens hair roots from dormant hair follicles, and combats dryness and dandruff


 Honey- Emollients smooth hair follicles and humectants bond water molecules by adding moisture


Honeyquat- derived from real honey that draws in moisture for the hair to stay moisturized


 Marshmallow Root-high in plant protein and adds great slippage


Peppermint-enhances and guards the melanin production of hair follicles


Rosemary- stimulate scalp circulation, promotes shine, and reduces dandruff


Shea Butter- Vitamin A and E that softens dry brittle hair and repairs split ends


Shikakia Powder- Provides stronger and thicker hair, prevents split ends and breakage


 White Willow bark- helps remove product buildup, shift dead skin cells, and control excess sebum


 Yerba Root-helps hair growth by directly stimulating the hair follicles


 Yerbamate- Strengthen hair follicles and reduce excessive hair loss